Throwing A Baby Shower

Throwing a baby shower can be a lot of fun. A baby shower is a party that you throw in honour of a mother to be top give her a good time, to treat her like a princess and also to give her some gifts to help her through those financial very difficult first few months of pregnancy. You will first need to find out if you are going to be the only host of the party or if you will get together with the mother to be’s friends and family to throw the party. In most cases, all guests will pitch in to make the party a success.

Involve the mother to be’s mother and sisters

It is important that you get the mother to be’s female family members involved with the party and find out when it would a right time to host the party. Every pregnancy is different and if your best friend is having a lot of morning sickness and pain, it might not be the best time to throw the party. You can get advice from her mother and sisters to find out if it would be a good time or not. Make a list of gifts to buy her based on what she has already bought the gender of the baby and the things she will need in those first few months. If you do not know the gender of the baby, make sure that everything you buy is gender nutria as it would make no sense to buy a flowery dress for a mother to be if she is expecting a boy. You can buy the baby a frenchie mini couture bib which the mother to be can use for her baby when her baby starts to eat solids. They are cute, fashionable and extremely useful as well.

If your friend is finding it quite difficult to manage in these last few weeks, a mamaway pregnancy belt can help her a lot to support her belly so that she does not have to support all of the weight herself.

It would be a good idea to have all of the guests pitch in money and for a few of the guests to get together and gout shopping for the gifts instead of everyone bringing in what they choose because this can lead to many repetitions and some of the mother to be’s needs not being met. Make a list of everything that you think the mother to be will need and either shop for them yourself after people have pitched in money or delegate gifts to each person.