Hosting Baptism Parties

If you are looking to start a small business of your own, you may want to consider hosting little baptism parties for parents. A baptism or a christening is an event in a Christian family that is a religious ceremony to give the baby over to God. This even is usually held a few days after the baby is born and this means that the parents of the baby are likely to be exhausted during this time and will no doubt be in no mood to host and organize parties for the baby or the baptism. However, traditionally a baptism is a big occasion in both the baby’s life and in the Christian parent’s life and is call for celebration. The parents of the baby will therefore be grateful for the opportunity of paying someone else to organize the party and the event for them. If you are not a Christian however, you will need to take some time in order to do your research and find out what exactly a baptism is and what the occasion calls for. It is important for you to keep in mind that this is a religious occasion and therefore the party or celebration that you organize needs to be a quiet one, possibly a small quiet breakfast for close family and friends with a small religious themed cake.

Clothing for the baby

Traditionally a baby who is going to be christened will be about two weeks old and therefore will be dressed in a long white robe like garment that is made specifically for the occasion of the baptism. Christening gowns and those made for boys will be exactly the same and will consist of a long robe made of lace and satin. In some traditions, the mother’s wedding gown is cut up and used to make the christening robe to represent the change in life.

Many modern parents however are choosing to stray away from these traditions by keeping their wedding dresses intact and choosing to buy a regular white party dresses to be used as christening dresses because the garment can then be used again for another occasion.

You can choose to have a range of these beautiful dresses available for these parents to buy for their baby on the occasion of their baptism without having to go out shopping to look for a suitable outfit. The key responsibility that you will have is to ensure that you make the parents lives easier and that you help them in every way you can during this time of their lives.