A Guide To Your Little One’s First School

Everybody has to start somewhere, and this somewhere is also better known as pre-school. This can be one of the most stressful decision one can make as a parent, and is something that has to be well-thought out especially for first-timers. However, with a little bit of guidance and a lot of time, it is possible to locate one that is great in every way. There are of course many different things that contribute to its overall appeal, so here are some of the elements that are looked at often before making a decision.

Class Size

A school that seems to be big and full of children is a good thing right? Well, not always. It would be better if you could perhaps have a look at the size of the class and find out how many children are there in one. If there are too many, chances are it will be difficult for your child to get the attention he/she needs especially at such a tender age. For example, check the class size at child facility before you decide to enroll your child there. Usually the smaller the class, the better it is.

The Curriculum

So your child is not about to go off and learn calculus if that is what you are thinking, but still it is important to be aware of the curriculum and what they plan on teaching. Usually, all schools are given out a specific curriculum to follow by the education board which they need to stick to. The more interactive these lessons are, the better it is. You can usually find out more about this when you scout for options, as the curriculum is something they make available to you when you visit.

Speak To The Teachers

At the end of the day, it is the teacher your child will be spending the most amount of time with, hence you should find out whatever you can about them. Aside from their teaching qualifications and experience, you should also have a casual chat with them about why they got into teaching and how it is they generally conduct a class. Whether it is at early learning centre in Bankstown or anywhere else, make sure you take the time to get to know them so that you get a feel for the person who will be nurturing your child.


As a parent, this is what you worry about the most, so it is very fair that you make this one of your top priorities. It would be useless if strangers were able to walk in and simply take children home under the guise of being their parents or guardians. There needs to be a proper system in place that will record everyone who comes and goes through the gates to pick the children up. It is also important that there is always a teacher in their midst even after school hours to ensure everyone gets home safely. Make sure you focus on the above points to help you along!