Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using BIBS Pacifiers

The pacifier is used to abort the baby. It satisfies the natural recurrence of sucking to ease the baby. It is useful for the baby to introduce the baby at the right age and allow the child to gradually give up his habits. This article provides information about pacifiers, benefits and when and how to stop.

What is Baby Pacifier?

It is a small, pacifier-shaped accessory for infants used as soothers or teething. It helps relieve your baby by putting it in your mouth. The pacifier looks like a pacifier, so you can ease your baby to slow it down. Your baby will have to suck naturally, so you will pull your body and stay calm. One-piece pacifiers are best used for children, which can be found on the market in various designs. One of the best pacifiers is the bibs dummies size 1. 

What are the pros and cons of baby pacifiers?

Advantages of pacifiers:

Good for colicky babe

Parents of colicky children can use their pacifiers to control their child’s stomach-ache. When the baby is wearing the pacifier, it relaxes the baby so it feels safe. Nappies do not interfere with breastfeeding if you are worried. Get the best bibs dummies size 1 for a child. This is the best one yet.

Reduce SIDS

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the unexplained death of a child during sleep. It occurs in children under 1 year of age. Experts say you can reduce the likelihood of your baby having SIDS by using pacifiers to help your baby breathe better.

Solve the randomness of the child

Sometimes the baby is picky and doesn’t stop crying. Pacifiers are the best solution for calming your baby. You can straighten the pacifier by putting it in your mouth.

Helpful while flying

The baby’s ears close and they begin to cry because of changes in air pressure during a flight. The pacifier pulls the baby from ear pain and makes you feel comfortable when you start sucking the pacifier. The gentle recurrence normalizes the air pressure in the child’s ear.

It helps premature babies

Nappies help premature babies improve eye reactions.


Disadvantages of the pacifier:

It can interfere with breastfeeding

Nappies can cause pacifier confusion in children with the confusion of babies between pacifiers. If a newborn baby starts using the pacifier from the start, it can interfere with breastfeeding.

Effects on oral health

Long-term use of pacifiers in children can affect oral health, such as permanent misalignment. After 6 months, it should stop at the pacifier. After 6 months, SIDS is likely to collapse and the ear is infected.

May lead to ear infections

Studies show that after 6 months, children with pacifiers develop ear infections, yeast (mouth) infections and intestinal infections more often. If the pacifiers are not kept clean, the pacifiers can carry bacteria from the mouth to the middle ear. Therefore, every time you need to sterilize and give the baby a pacifier to prevent the baby’s ear infection.

When should you give your baby a pacifier?

Yes, there are many benefits, so you can give your baby a pacifier. However, it should be at least a month before we give the baby a pacifier.

When should you avoid pacifiers?

If you have problems with breastfeeding, you should avoid pacifiers. It can interfere with breastfeeding. Avoid as your baby’s pacifiers and pacifiers can get confused.

When should the baby stop the pacifier?

Children should give up their pacifiers when they are 2-4 years old. It should not be used for long.