Articles for the Month of June 2017

Role Of A Teacher In The Development Of Children

In the past decades, teachers use to rely on textbooks to explain their students about various things that are in the syllabus and also out of their syllabus. After the parents, the teachers can play a vital role in building the character in the children. They can motivate them and make them feel responsible towards various things. Especially, at the early age, it is not possible for all the people to handle the children.

In the kindergarten stage, their teacher is the only person who can make them learn many things that are useful to them. Mother is the primary master, and the teachers in the school can replace that position and make the students into responsible kids. Children need to have affection and tender care up to certain age. It can make them feel secure and provide a kind assurance for their protection and safety. Many schools with excellent infrastructure and teaching staff are available these days. They have been using the technology that can help them in knowing many new things. The teachers can have the sources like the internet to search for the essential information and they can explain it to their students in a relaxed manner. Depending on the interest of the child, the teachers can provide their support in enhancing their skills.

In the previous decades, people do not have the possibilities of the internet which can help them to know anything in seconds. The information technology companies have made it possible. Even the children below the teens can have the idea about the computers and internet. They have been doing different projects and activities with the help of the web. Different people who can have the knowledge of different things have been making the videos.

These videos can help the students to watch and learn the things in which they are not efficient. With the aid of the technology, the children got habituated to early learning Turramurra. Those who cannot have the option to go to institutions because of various issues can watch the live videos from the portals. The government and various other organizations conduct the talent and skill enhancement programs every year.The teachers should feel responsible for motivating their students to take part in these competitions so that they can earn good name and fame along with the knowledge. An experienced teacher is a person who can always support their students. Even the parents who are educated and having sound knowledge about various things can guide their children.

When the child is capable of achieving success, then it can be good for the organization and also their parents. But the teacher is the person who can have more responsibility as they are in such a position with which they can provide their services to the students.

Types Of Parties For Kids

Your little one’s birthday is no doubt extremely special. So, what could you do to celebrate? You need to think beyond the boring backyard party with some games and magic show. So here are some of the most common but unique types of birthday parties you can throw for your kid.

  • Teddy bear party
    Every child needs to bring his favourite teddy bear to the party. You need to arrange a room with a separate seat for each kid. You don’t need chars exactly, even cushions would be fine. Beside each seat, place a picnic basket filled with adorable outfits for their teddy bears along with some goodies. Base all your decorations on the teddy bears. This is a perfect theme for a toddlers’ party, since all kids will remain indoors.
  • Storybook character party
    This could be really fun for the kids. All kids need to dress up as their favourite storybook character and arrive. At the party, they could be asked to speak about themselves and act out their characters. You can take pictures of each kid and hand them a copy too. They can also bring a few of their storybooks and exchange with their friends.
  • Backyard carnival
    So, this is a lot more different than the usual backyard parties. This is a carnival! As fun as it sounds, this may take more work than usual. If you have a big backyard, carefully plan out where each element will stand. You can have a merry-g-round, jumping castles, game stalls and even a clown. A face painting station and a balloon stall can add more colour and excitement to the party.
  • Scavenger hunt
    This will be better for teens since toddlers don’t really like walking around searching for things. The teens would find this competitive and challenging. You can ask them to get into groups or work individually to find the hidden treasure. Have little treasures along the way so that every child receives a gift, however the final treasure should only be found by one. This type of parties can be organized at a very low cost since you don’t have to get a jumping castle for hire in West Sydney or any magicians. A few gifts with some challenging clues, you are all set to go.
  • Craft party
    What you would usually do at a kiddies’ party is hand the little ones some goody bags however, it would be better if you could involve them in the making of those goodies. Kids can decorate t-shirts with their handprints, make jewellery, picture frames and many more.